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you sunyou sun
23:22 08 Jul 24
She is very passionate, efficient, responsible and diligent, she won’t ignore any details about the house which the buyer interested with. I will recommend her to anyone if I have a chance, because I don’t want my friend having any loss in the pretty serious decisions.
Yaxian NiYaxian Ni
23:50 19 Jun 24
I recently purchased a home in Oakville with the help of my real estate broker, Nancy. I am beyond impressed with her dedication and professionalism. Nancy not only found me a property in a neighborhood with excellent schools, but the house itself also has decent renovations that exceeded my expectations.Nancy's commitment to her clients is truly remarkable. She negotiated tirelessly to secure a reasonable price, even working until 3 AM to ensure everything was perfect. Her attention to detail and client-focused approach made the entire process smooth and stress-free.I am genuinely grateful for Nancy's efforts and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a property. Her customer-orientated expertise in the real estate market is unparalleled. I will definitely be recommending her to my friends and family.Thank you, Nancy, for making my home-buying experience so positive!
Anne PanAnne Pan
21:13 18 Jun 24
Good experience!
Wenjie ZhengWenjie Zheng
13:59 13 Jun 24
She is a top professional realtor, knowing what she is doing and help me negotiate and got a perfect tenant for my condo which she helped us to buy 4 years ago and closed the deal in a week. Definitely the right real estate broker you need!
hua “Joanna” xuehua “Joanna” xue
03:38 13 Jun 24
Nancy is very quick to find a very reliable tenant for my new condo and very professional in negotiation and dealing with all legal papers. She outdoes herself. Highly recommend!
Emerald MaEmerald Ma
15:55 27 May 24
I was extremely fortunate to work with real estate agent Nancy and successfully purchase a dream home. From the first contact to the final contract, Nancy's professionalism and professionalism have always been consistent, which made me feel deeply reassured and trusted.During our first meeting, Nancy patiently understood my needs and budget and detailed the current market conditions. Her insight into the market and rich experience make every home inspection very efficient. She can always point out the pros and cons of each property in a timely manner and help me make better decisions.Nancy's work attitude is very proactive. No matter day or night, she always responded quickly to my questions and provided professional advice. Her patience and meticulousness made me feel very at ease and comfortable throughout the entire home buying process. She explained every step for me and made sure I fully understood.In addition, Nancy also demonstrated her excellent ability in negotiation. Not only did she help me get a great price, she made sure the entire transaction went smoothly. Her meticulousness and seriousness made the entire process extremely smooth.Overall, Nancy is a trustworthy and professional real estate agent. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great place to live. Thanks to Nancy's hard work, I have a warm and comfortable new home.
Feng GaoFeng Gao
15:50 27 May 24
I had the pleasure of working with Nancy Jiang as my real estate agent, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. From the very beginning, Nancy was attentive, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping me find the perfect home. Her expertise in the market and keen eye for detail ensured that I found a house that met all my needs and more.Nancy's professionalism and friendly demeanor made the entire process smooth and stress-free. She was always available to answer my questions and provided valuable insights that guided me through each step of the home-buying journey. Her commitment to her clients is truly exceptional.I highly recommend Nancy Jiang to anyone looking for a reliable and skilled real estate agent. She goes above and beyond to ensure her clients' satisfaction and has a genuine passion for helping people find their dream homes. Thank you, Nancy, for making this such a wonderful experience!
Chen KevinChen Kevin
14:15 12 May 24
Nancy is a very professional real estate agent. She is very good at communication and has a keen sense of the market. She can find great deal you wanted. Especially she has excellent negotiation skills, which help me to buy my dream house at a very satisfactory price exceeded my expectations. She also has extensive contacts in the industry, and always able to help find the right people in urgent situation and solve difficult problems in the process, highly recommended.
Amr KandilAmr Kandil
12:31 11 May 24
Excellent communication and wonderful agent
Nour HaririNour Hariri
18:37 09 Apr 24
I had an exceptional experience with Nancy, who demonstrated remarkable dedication, intelligence, and trustworthiness throughout the process. Her hard work and sharp insights ensured a seamless process that exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend Nancy to anyone seeking a reliable and competent professional.
Yang YangYang Yang
00:38 27 Mar 24
Strongly recommended, Nancy is definitely worthy of 5+ star evaluation! I sincerely appreciated her help and strong support for the house purchases.She is super professional, friendly and customer-oriented. She not only simply satisfied your request, but also deep dive into what you truely need. She will comprehensively consider your situation, and recommend the most suitable property for you. Most importantly, she will help you save a lot of money $$$$$ .I will definitely ask her for help if I need to buy or sell the house in the future.
Chuan WangChuan Wang
21:36 26 Mar 24
A chance contact brought me selfless help, which made me think of Nancy first when dealing with my house.Your expertise, patience, and enthusiasm were extremely helpful and supportive throughout the entire process of selling my home.In addition to your professionalism, I appreciate your understanding and patience with me. You always listened to my needs and concerns and provided timely solutions. I felt very reassured by your approachable manner and honest communication.Most importantly, you are not just a real estate agent, you are a great advisor and friend. I really appreciate everything you did for me and I believe I wouldn't have been able to achieve such a smooth transaction without your help.Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone in need of real estate services!
Bin WangBin Wang
04:41 14 Mar 24
Nancy is fantastic in her field. She always finds a pretty good deal for you, either buyer or seller, and support whatever you need from very beginning to final closing. She is honest, confident and professional, and happy to serve customers. She is the second to none real estate broker.
01:11 13 Mar 24
Nancy is a really top real estate agent in GTA! She’s professional and patient. She can understand quickly what I am looking for. Also she is wise and full of stratagems. She’s a gifted negotiator. Not only did she find a fantastic deal on our dream house, but also she secured a price exceeded my expectations. She and her team gave me solid support during the whole process. I would like to say heartfelt thanks to Nancy and highly recommend her to anyone in search of a great deal!
Andrew MintzAndrew Mintz
14:26 07 Mar 24
Nancy is both professional and passionate. Her care for us throughout this process was transparent and thoughtful. She is a straight shooter who ensured we worked together in collaboration to get the very best price we could for our house. It was lots of work to get our house ready, but with Nancy’s guidance and push we had our house looking amazing for listing. We will definitely refer her to all our friends.
Jim ZhangJim Zhang
06:50 26 Feb 24
Nancy is a great real estate broker. She helped us in buying a condominium three years ago. She later on helped us bought a new house as our new home and at the same time sold our old house with very good and remarkable prices for both buying and selling. With her great efforts we had a very smooth transition moving from old house to new house. During the time, she gave us a deep impression with her sharp insight and judgment on the market, as well as her negotiation skills, caring for her clients. She also helped us for the house decoration, staging and the mortgage applications. We really appreciate her for her helps and dedications, and would like to recommend her to anyone who wants to buy or sell their house.
Jessica DengJessica Deng
13:15 23 Dec 23
Xiaoyun WangXiaoyun Wang
17:22 10 Nov 23
Nancy would not let you down. She is well versed in price determination, negotiation, and resolution when there is a problem. Most of all, she always put clients' interest in the first place. I am very happy with her recent sale of 2* Timberb**k Blvd. I would like to recommend her to my friends.
Amy WangAmy Wang
22:45 27 Oct 23
Joseph liuJoseph liu
17:26 27 Oct 23
Thank you Nancy for your excellent performance in recent estate broker service 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Phyllis WuPhyllis Wu
19:25 20 Oct 23
Patient, always thinking of and advise for the client's benefit. We got the best rental place that we want because of her!
Ren GraceRen Grace
13:29 13 Oct 23
Nancy is a professional broker. She helped me purchase my house three years ago. She is very knowledgeable and she provides tons of useful information to me. With her help, I found my dream house in the high demand area. Later on, she bargained with the seller and we got a very reasonable price. Thanks for her help!
16:43 11 Oct 23
Nancy has been outstanding at helping me sell my housesThe whoe process was so smooth and I did not have to worry about anything
Jim ZhangJim Zhang
22:10 30 Sep 23
Yi XuYi Xu
21:10 03 Sep 23
Nancy is a great real estate agent ! Her knowledge of the market and the various areas of GTA made a stressful, cross country move painless! Nancy is very patient and communicative. She answers right away when I call or ask her any question. She has knowledge of the market and convenience options that might be the best bet for her clients. Thanks so much for your dedication and help. 100% satisfied with her professional service and definitely refer to anyone.
cheng wangcheng wang
02:49 26 Aug 23
She is reliable,responsible, organized, and she is a trustworthy agent.
echo chenecho chen
19:42 24 Aug 23
Very professional,experienced and helpful broker, Highly recommened.
Shuyuan LiangShuyuan Liang
21:50 22 Aug 23
Nancy stands out as a warm and professional agent! She provided me with invaluable recommendations while selecting my first condo. Throughout the process, she expertly navigated the price negotiations with the seller. She also helped me go through the mortgage application. I really appreciate her unwavering commitment to my cause!!
Serene GuanSerene Guan
18:00 18 Aug 23
Nancy is a highly professional and experienced agent and had been dedicated in helping me finding my ideal first home. Her negoiation skill, caring to her clients and her horizon in real estate industry is exceptional. I highly recommend Nancy as your agent.
Keke LuKeke Lu
15:09 10 Aug 23
I would highly recommend Nancy Jiang as she helped all my family members. She was such professional, amazing, nice and helpful. She had helped my family members not only buying new houses but also selling houses, also including helping us renting out our house plus condo apartment.She is definitely a AAAAA professional Broker. I feel so happy to have her to help my family members with houses buy and sell.
Amy liAmy li
19:52 09 Aug 23
Strong professional knowledge. Active and efficient communication. Integrity service.
Yuan CaoYuan Cao
02:11 06 Aug 23
I recently purchased my first condo th with full assistance from Nancy. Her unique views and opinions impressed me a lot as she is not only focusing on getting a “home” but also a positive potential pay back investment. She kept back and forth in the price negotiations and dedicated herself completely on the behalf of client. Her network is another hidden great value for me and I got a really smooth beginning of mortgage application. Don’t hesitate to get your case in her hands!
Hedy HeHedy He
20:38 16 Jul 23
Nancy is a responsible and professional agent.👍👍
Philip LinPhilip Lin
05:22 15 Jul 23
Nancy Jiang was very professional and efficient. She put in the best effort to sell our place. She picked the best time to start Open House. And it was the most successful one in recent years in my neighbourhood. The place was sold in one week with a good price. She also negotiated the best price for us to buy our new home. In just another week, we got our new home. Because the new place was still in the same neighborhood, we became instantly famous as the selling and buying prices were almost unheard off. Our neighbours were asking us who our agent was. And we will always recommend Nancy Jiang to anyone who wants to buy their home. She will represent you and relentlessly help you get the best value whether selling or buying your house.
Fan ShiFan Shi
23:09 04 Jul 23
You can't find any real estate agent who is better than Nancy. Nancy has eagle eyes, and deep knowledge in GTA house market. She worked as the most intelligent advisor, who is not only limit to help her clients find their dream houses, but also helps them become rich.Nancy shared her thoughts about house market during COVID time to my family, and encouraged us bought a property during that time. Just 1.5 years later, the property price almost doubled.Nancy also helped my family sold a house in Brampton, which is a city she was not too familiar with. But Nancy worked very hard, never give up on negotiating with potential buyers. Eventually, our house in Brampton was sold in 8 days, at the highest price during that time.Nancy is smart, beautiful, faithful, kind, also funny. Obviously has very strong skills on buying and selling houses. I really can't find or think any real estate agent better than Nancy.
Julia WangJulia Wang
15:30 30 Jun 23
Nancy is an incredibly professional and experienced broker. Her expertise and extensive knowledge of the local market are truly impressive, making my entire experience stress-free. I’m grateful for her exceptional service and would highly recommend Nancy to anyone in need of reliable and knowledgeable broker!

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